If you're looking for a real estate agent to help you successfully navigate today's market in the Puget Sound area, you've come to the right place.

If you're hoping to buy, I can help you find just the right property; from waterfront to mountain or water view homes, new construction, condos or townhouses. Whether you're looking for an urban dwelling, a rural retreat or somewhere in between, I can help you find and buy exactly what you're looking for. I'll be there every step of the way, from sifting through the many options to dealing with mortgage lenders and title companies.
Not only will I be your guide in the home-buying process, I'll also help you get to know your new neighborhood. The best schools in the area are easy to find and research using my school digest, and the relocation digest will be your source for everything from the average commute times to what you might expect from our unpredictable Washington weather. 
Sellers - the Puget Sound is a market in which things are still moving! So don't despair. Contact me for a free comparative market analysis of your home or property, and we'll get started making your investment work for you.
Discover what homes have sold for in your neighborhood.  NOTE: In using this tool, the estimated value of your home is solely based on closed sales in the past 6 months within 1 mile radius or in some cases farther out that are similar to your property for comparison.
This Home Estimator is not a formal appraisal of your home's value. If you would like a Comparative Market Analysis, please contact me. I am happy to provide a more detailed report to you.

Who Are We?

A Winning Combination
We are a highly professional energetic team and we feel our individual skills complement our service. Ken’s sales experience has given him the tools to excel in the marketing of homes. Our clients benefit from many of the professionals that dedicate their services to Ken`s team. We recognize that each client has different motives and deserves individualized service. By putting our heads together and employing the latest hi-tech tools, we are able to offer our clients incredible service.

Going the Extra Mile
When it comes to your biggest investment, we feel that we can never do too much to help you sell your property or find the perfect house. When buying a home, we will take the extra time to pre-qualify you, familiarize you with the areas and educate you on financing. If you plan to sell, we will analyze the market to help you price your home to get you where you need to be on time. We will provide a “Home Book” to give potential buyers the information they need to make a serious offer. Our “marketing plan” is targeted and innovative to get the results you need!

Getting the Word Out
Creative marketing is the key to selling your home quickly and successfully. We aggressively employ the power of the internet, advertising your property on many real estate websites. In addition, we will use our personal network, our network of others brokers, our database of buyers, and word of mouth to gain maximum exposure of your home. When it comes to promoting your home for sale, we feel you can never market too much and our sophisticated “marketing plan” reflects this.

Professional Service
We are full time real estate professionals who devote all of our professional energies to meeting your home buying or selling needs. This is our career; we think of it as our family business. In doing so, we demand the best from each other. Our clients have noticed the difference. As client of ours, you will always have your messages returned in a timely manner, you will have our full attention when we are working together and any promotional materials we produce for your property will be professional grade. We are the team that will give you respect, produce results and provide impeccable service.


There are numerous intangibles that could save you or make you thousands of dollars.

Here are just a few ways we earn our commission during the process of selling your home:

By using a real estate professional, you gain higher level of security.

First of all your home phone number is not being advertised with an open invitation. Secondly, we use lock box technology that allows us to track showing activity and to know who has been in your home. Lastly, you are not put in the awkward position where you are alone with a stranger in your home.

As a professional, we educate ourselves in current market conditions, watching for subtle changes and keep tables on the market trends.Someone who is not “in the trenches” on a daily basis is at risk for either undervaluing their property or worse yet, overpricing their property.

A properly priced home will not sit on the market while you continue to make mortgage payments and maintain the property, you will not waste money on advertising or get caught in a “changing” market, and most importantly, if you are selling under a deadline a properly priced home will get you there without risking the chance of not selling.

Your broker is versed in several types of financing giving you the best advantage by fitting a loan for the buyer to buy your home. Most buyers don’t have knowledge in financing and might miss the opportunity of purchasing your home without the help of a broker

Marketing Expertise
With a real estate professional, you benefit from their experience with marketing of homes in your community. We know which produce results, AND we have access to them. We have connections with the real estate industry, people who have buyers possibly looking for properties like yours. We know what features are the “hot ticket” items in our area and we know where to spend a few dollars to make the biggest impact on the salability of our home.

An experienced real estate professional will put you in the best negotiating position possible. As someone emotionally attached to the property, Sellers often compromise their negotiating position by “slipping” with information that the buyer then uses against them. As a third party, we protect your interest. Through experience we have gathered several creative negotiation techniques to help deals come together.

Monitoring and Closing
There are many details to attend to in a real estate contract. These details can become pitfalls if overlooked. As a real estate professional, we have systems in place to ensure deadlines are met and the details are attended to. Once you make it to closing, our experience of reviewing escrow instruction and legal contracts will benefit you.
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